Helping you select plants that have your garden looking good all year.




Whether you are creating a new garden or revamping an existing garden, as a Garden Stylist I specialise in helping you select plants that will complement your home and have your garden looking good all year.

Plant Selection Consultations includes discussions regarding:
~ Plant structure, foliage colour and shape as they will have your garden looking good all year round.
~ Consideration for the inclusion of Fruit trees and Herb gardens.
~ Low water use plants.
~ Low maintenance gardens.
~ Possible need for children's play areas, pergolas and garden sheds etc.
~ Lifestyle products that enhance your outdoor space eg Water features, Swimming Pools, BBQ's etc

On completion of the consultation you will receive either a hand drawn design or 3D computer design.



Visually harmonising your outdoor and indoor living rooms achieves interactive completion of your home and garden. This will offer additional lifestyle pleasure for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Additionally it will give potential to increase the value of your property investment which is usually the most valuable assets you may own.

If selling your home visual healthy outdoor living rooms help entice prospective new owners to purchase your property.

As a freelance Garden Stylist, Plant Selection Consultations are available to:

~ home owners
~ business owners
~ landscapers
~ retail nurseries ( I partnership with your business to consult with your customers on your behalf)

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